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 Small Venue Systems
The smallest system we offer consists of a powered mixing head and a choice of 2 or 4 small speakers mounted on stands. Perfect for garden weddings and outdoor receptions, these systems work equally as well indoors for a corporate presentation or dedication ceremony. Add a wireless presentation mic for the pastor or the CEO along with a CD player and you’re ready for your audience. 

Medium Venue Systems
The workhorse of our smaller sized systems, 4 powered Eons with a 12 or 24 channel board can cover a multitude of needs. Perfect for a presentation by an entertainer in a hotel banquet facility this system can support several mics as well as playback units. Add a wireless headset or hand held mic and the star of your evening is free to move about and make contact with the audience. This system is equally at home in a small concert venue. It can be up and running quickly and neatly. From groundbreakings and building dedications to a concert for 300 to 500 people these systems are very efficient and extremely flexible. 
Large Venue Systems                       
These are tri-amped systems, Hi Packs loaded with 15” cones & 2” driver horns over twin 15” Subs. All mains are driven by Crown Macrotech amps for plenty of clean reliable power. The cabinet arrays can vary from small stacks on each side of the stage, to multiple stacks for wide area distribution, to scaffold supported towers for power and distance throw. Mixing boards, monitor boards, and all the support equipment you could need complete this extremely flexible system. Designed for extremely accurate reproduction of acoustic sound these systems are favorites with orchestra conductors throughout the area. Suitable for Ballrooms, Conference centers and Concert venues indoors and out. 

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