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The CEO is coming to give a talk and wants a wireless mic. Call DB Sound Advice we can rent you a wireless hand held, a wireless lavalier, or a wireless over the ear Broadway style system.
The school / church play is coming up and you don’t have enough wireless systems. Call DB Sound Advice for the best prices in the area on weekly rental of wireless systems mounted in 4 pack roadcases.
You’re hosting a special artist and your sound system just doesn’t quite have everything on his rider. Call DB Sound Advice for the extra gear to make your artist happy.
Microphones, monitors, EQs, reverb units, stands, cables all available for rent.
You want to run your own show, small systems are also available for rent if we determine that they will meet your needs.
Small PA packages – powered head, 2 speakers with stands, 1 to 4 microphones with stands, and all necessary cables
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